Review: Tayman Graveyard

Today I’d like to introduce you to the hidden treasure of Midlothian, Texas.

Haunt: Tayman Graveyard

Date: October 22, 2011

Length:  ~60 min

Coroner’s Report: Alive and Scaring. A “touching” experience. Definitely worth the drive.

Tayman Graveyard is a standout attraction. A forty-minute drive east of Dallas and several turns down woodsy, roughly paved roads will bring you to the ancestral land of a family with a twisted history. This year Tayman featured three different haunts- a mineshaft, a funeral home, and a very haunted hayride. The hayride was especially exciting because of its ability to stray from the usual walk-through format most DFW haunts employ. Even during the walk-through attractions, Tayman Graveyard set itself apart by allowing its actors to touch victims– a change made for the 2011 season. Physical contact between haunters and victims is generally banned in attractions due to safety concerns (Haunted House Association), but that first tap on the shoulder can make even the most seasoned haunt-goer jump.

One more surprise in our trip to Tayman Graveyard was the chance to meet and chat with the owner and operator of the frightening forest attraction, who was delightfully open about the good, bad, and ugly aspects of haunting, and was excited to hear our opinions. Some of the facts learned from our conversation included:

  • Tayman has been open for 7 years in its original location.
  • The special effects (including one shocking feature of the hayride) are designed and built by the Tayman Graveyard family and are therefore unique to the haunt.
  • Many of the cast of characters work on an almost volunteer basis and do so for the love of the haunt.

While Tayman Graveyard may not have the high-tech setup of inner-city attractions, the creativity and care put into the haunt is more than apparent.  If the setting doesn’t get you, the memorable characters will.


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