The Importance of Online Marketing


Scaring and Sharing (the social network revolution)

The social business is rapidly becoming more popular. Today banks urge us to “like” them on Facebook and grocery stores have Twitter accounts. As we become ever more connected to our retailers and service industries, it makes sense that haunted attractions would take advantage of the growing trend. The Fatal End in West End (@DallasHaunt) notifies its followers of which monsters are prowling their attraction each night during the season. Moxley Manor uses its Facebook page to update fans on hours and crowd turnout, while Cutting Edge offers coupons through a mobile discount program. These haunts have caught on to the trend that “Social media are increasingly driving consumer buying choices and transforming the market” (Senan, 2011).

The “Saving” Appeal

Small businesses have seen vast increases in new customers with the help of discount websites like Groupon and Living Social (Amato, n.d.). While consumers may have seen the cafe on the corner several dozen times, an online deal for 50% savings will bring them through the doors. Haunted attractions have started using these sites to boost ticket sales, and based on personal experience and chats with haunt personnel, they’re working. A deal from Living Social brought me to Zombie Manor this season. When I made the decision to go, I brought four of my friends. By offering a small discount on one ticket, the attraction was able to garner four more admission sales. Haunts that are new or not well publicized could see explosive increases in sales by utilizing this online marketing strategy.


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